FELBA - Segunda Edición

Parque de la Estación, Agüero y Perón, Balvanera.
- 1 al 4 de abril de 2021.
De 12 a 20 h.
Entrada libre y gratuita.

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Space for functional diversity and disabilities

From April 26th to May 13th, 2019. Espacio Federal. Ochre Pavilion.


Starting this year, the International Book Fair has a space for disability and functional diversity in which it seeks to encourage and promote different authors, specialists and social organizations devoted to the issue of disability / functional diversity, both physical and intellectual . The objective is that exhibitors can publicize their work, project or journey in the field, promoting the dissemination of content and trying to reach a greater number of people, taking into account the flow of people participating in this Fair . A specialized library is part of the space.