47.ª Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires

Hasta el 15 de mayo


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Cultural Proposals

The Fair is an ideal cultural setting in which an extensive program, including more than 1,500 events, takes place and in which the most outstanding figures in the world of books participate.



Buenos Aires is the cultural epicenter of Latin America, a cosmopolitan city characterized by its bustling intellectual activity. During the Fair, this movement flourishes even more, thanks to the participation of many local authors and international guests.

Youth Movement

International Bookfluencers Meeting.
After the successful talks and presentations at the last few editions of the Book Fair, in 2023 we have renewed the space devoted to the International Booktubers, Bookstagrammers and Bloggers Meeting. It will be called the International Bookfluencers Meeting. Under this name we incorporate current trends in social media that have emerged in the past two years. We use a new name but the passion of young people for books remains intact!


Dialogue of Writers from Latin America

Authors from all over the continent will engage in dialogue with their Argentine counterparts in the eighth edition of the Dialogue where they will share opinions, discuss literary problems common to all participants, talk about professional strategies, and above all stimulate mutual reading.

Dialogue among Writers of Argentina

In this eighth edition, Argentine literature will once again be the protagonist. Storytellers, poets, and essay writers will exchange experiences in which local, national, and Latin American traditions converge.

International Poetry Festival

This space has established itself as a true international meeting to honor poetry and share the passion for words. Poets from Argentina and from all over the world will perform at the Fair, participating in recitals intended to disseminate their creations and discuss the current situation of the genre.

Reading Marathon. 

Representative figures of culture and the media will continuously read texts for two hours.
The marathon is a space for reading socialization and motivation, in which artists and communicators serve as a bridge or a link between literature and the public.

Micro-fiction Conference

A very succinct, provocative genre that means much more than what it says, where irony calls for the intelligent malice of the reader. Established micro-fiction writers will participate, along with the youngest voices involved in this genre.


In addition to offering one of the largest book exhibitions in Latin America, the Fair will display an unmissable offer of cultural cycles. There will be open activities that will address specific topics relative to literature, the arts, history, science, and language. Thus, the Fair seeks to contribute to the cultural enhancement of visitors, enabling debate communities and exchange of ideas.

Free Courses

Courses delivered by academics and specialists will be offered at the 47th Book Fair. The proposals are ambitious and address various cultural issues.

International Meeting

In this cycle of interdisciplinary conversations, philosophers, writers, scientists, and other theorists will be invited to reflect on our future.

Explore Zone

This space for scientific dissemination that offers an ongoing agenda of activities by researchers, scientists and communicators will enable visitors to interact and value how Science and Technology knowledge is present in our lives.

Cultural Diversity and New Trends

Pride and Prejudice

With the continuity of the Sexual Diversity Space, Fundación El Libro and the International Book Fair of Buenos Aires show once more their willingness to be a sounding board for different debates and demonstrations, as well as to collect and promote everything that is plural and enriching in cultural production free from censorship.

Functional Diversity and Inclusion

This space is intended to encourage and promote different authors, specialists and social organizations dedicated to the topic of disabilities or functional diversity, both physical and intellectual.

Future Zone

This is one of the best ways to get to know the future of literature. A radar for new writers and aesthetic frameworks through activities in non-traditional formats: from poetry worlds to video game and reading festivals, through workshops, interactive exhibitions, conferences, and parties.

Digital Space

This will be a technological territory where visitors come into contact with electronic books. An invitation to experience the different reading devices available in the market with one’s own senses.

Children’s Culture

Children’s Zone

There will be an area entirely devoted and developed for the youngest visitors at the Fair. It will offer a special program aimed at the dissemination of children’s books, which includes workshops, integration activities, storytelling and shows. In addition, it will have a children’s library that children can use to their liking. It seeks to encourage early contact with books, in an atmosphere of freedom and joy.

Festive Culture

Countries and Provinces

The Fair is a multicultural celebration, a meeting where different communities share and spread their traditions and customs. The countries and provinces that participate in the exhibition select a specific day within the fair schedule and prepare special activities to celebrate. The idea is to share typical dances, musical shows, food tastings, book presentations and conferences by representative authors with the audiences that come to the Fair.

Book Signings

The Fair is proud to be one of the largest cultural venues in Latin America where year after year readers and authors can meet in person. One of the most typical postcards when touring the Fair is that of the writers signing books at the stands, where there are long lines of readers eagerly waiting for their turn to come. The moment of the face-to-face meeting between authors and their reader is unique and gets immortalized on paper, in the dedication that they take home.