Feria del Libro Infantil y Juvenil - Segunda Edición Virtual

Del 26 al 30 de julio


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Cultural Activities

The Fair is a privileged cultural scene offering a large program of more than 1,500 acts with the participation of the most important figures from the world of books.



Buenos Aires is the cultural epicenter of Latin America, a cosmopolitan city characterized by its copious intellectual activity. During the Fair, this movement becomes more pronounced and enriched with the participation of many authors from the country and also foreign guests.

Among the confirmed international guests are Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Rosa Montero, Santiago Posteguillo, Gael Faye, Sandro Veronesi, Carlos Fonseca, Anselm Grun, Sergio Ramírez, Bryce Echenique, Gioconda Belli, Laurence Debray (daughter of Regis Debray), Jul (Lucky Luke cartoonist since 2016), among others.

Also, among the rich delegation from Barcelona, Guest City of Honor, are Héctor Lozano (creator of the show Merlí), Carlos Zanón (noir fiction author, winner of the Hammet Award in 2015), Jordi Sierra i Fabra (prolific youth author), Horacio Altuna (Argentine cartoonist residing in Cataluña since 1980), Paula Bonet (very successful illustrator) y Sílvia Pérez Cruz’s concert

Youth Scene

Behind the successful talks and presentations in the last editions, the 2019 Fair will host the International Convention of Booktubers, with the participation of young active readers from Spanish speaking countries. Also, there will be special activities for bloggers and bookstagrammers.

This scene, aimed at young readers, will also be empowered by the presence of international children’s and young adults authors in several days of the Fair.

The list of confirmed children’s and young adults includes Becky Albertalli, Victoria Schwab, Mackenzi Lee, Benito Taibo, Sara Búho, and Alexandra Bracken… In addition, Mexican booktubers Claudia Ramírez and Alberto Villarreal will participate as well.

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BBB awards

Do you want to be the Fair’s Blogger, Bookstagrammer or Booktuber? This year it will be your followers whom will propose you as a candidate to the award!

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Dialogue of Latin American Writers

From May 5th to 7th. Victoria Ocampo hall, White Pavilion

Authors from all over the continent in dialogue with their Argentine peers will gather in the seventh edition of the Dialogue in order to share their opinions, address common literary problems, debate professional strategies and promote mutual reading.

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Dialogue of Argentine Writers

From May 1st to 3rd. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento hall, White Pavilion

In this seventh edition, Argentine literature will be a protagonist again. Storytellers, poets and essayist will exchange experiences in which local, national and Latin American traditions will come together.

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Argentinian Forum Plastic Arts

From May 10th to 12th. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento hall, White Pavilion.

One of the most novel offerings of the Fair, with the participation of prestigious international specialists.

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International Poetry Festival

From April 26th to 28th. Victoria Ocampo hall, White Pavilion.

This space has become a true international meeting that honors poetry and shares the passion for words. Poets from Argentina and from all over the world will come to the Fair to give recitals, share their work and discuss the latest news about the genre.

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Reading Marathon

Monday, May 6th, 6.30 pm. José Hernández hall, Red Pavilion.

For two continuous hours, figures of culture and media will read texts.

The marathon is a space for socialization and encouragement of reading, in which artists and communicators serve as a bridge or link between literature and the public.

Microfiction Day

Thursday, May 9th 6.30 pm. Julio Cortázar hall, Yellow Pavilion.

A very short and provocative genre which much more meaning than what it actually entails, its irony begs the reader’s clever malice. The already renowned microfictionists will participate, along with the youngest voices of the genre.

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In addition to offering one of the largest book exhibitions in Latin America, the Fair will display an unmissable array of cultural cycles. Open activities that will address specific topics related to literature, arts, history, science and language. This way, the Fair seeks to contribute to the cultural education of visitors, enabling the production of communities of debate and exchange of ideas.

Free courses

Leading academics and specialists will offer courses at the 45th Book Fair. The programs will be ambitious and will address varied cultural issues.

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Internacional Day “Psychoanalysis and Reading”

Friday, May 3rd from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Victoria Ocampo hall, White Pavilion.

Members of Asociación Psicoanalítica Topología en Extensión and guests will dedicate a day of study to the difficulty of reading, a subject that is indispensable to deal with if one considers that nothing in the experience of the subject escapes the fact of reading.

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Zona Explora

A space for scientific dissemination that will offer a continuous agenda of activities by researchers, scientists and communicators that will allow visitors to interact and value how knowledge of Science and Technology is present in our lives.

Cultural diversity and new trends

Pride and Prejudice

With the continuity of the Sexual Diversity Space, Fundación El Libro and the Buenos Aires International Book Fair testify their willingness to function as a sounding board for different debates and demonstrations, and to collect and promote, without censorship, the plurality and richness produced by culture.

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Functional Diversity and Inclusion

April 26th to May 13th. Espacio Federal, Ochre Pavilion

This space seeks to encourage and promote different authors, specialists and social organizations dedicated to the theme of disability / functional diversity, both physical and intellectual.

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Zona Futuro

One of the best ways to know the future of literature. A radar of new writers and aesthetics through activities in non-traditional formats: from poetry world competitions to videogame and reading festivals, through workshops, interactive exhibitions, conferences and parties.

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Espacio Digital

A technological territory where visitors will come into contact with electronic books. An invitation to experience with the senses the different reading devices available in the market.

Children’s Culture

Zona Infantil

An area entirely designed and developed for the smallest visitors of the Fair. It will offer a special program aimed at the dissemination of children’s books, which will include workshops, integration activities, storytelling and shows. In addition, it will have a children’s library that children can use to their liking. It will seek to encourage early contact with books, in a climate of freedom and joy.

Artistic Culture

Universos Literarios

It brings together 30 Argentinian writers from different generations in a photographic exhibition, a book of portraits and interviews with images from the personal archive of the guest authors.

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Festive Culture

Provinces and Culture

The Fair is a multicultural celebration, a meeting where the different communities share and spread their traditions and customs. The countries and provinces participating in the exhibition selected a specific day within the fair schedule and prepare special activities to celebrate this day. Sharing with the audience displays of typical dances, musical shows, food tastings, book presentations and lectures by representative authors.

Book signings

The Fair is proud to be one of the largest cultural venues in Latin America that, year after year, allows direct meetings between authors and readers. One of the most typical postcards when visiting the Fair is that of the writers signing books in the stands, accompanied by long rows of people waiting for their turn to arrive. The moment of the face to face meeting of the author with their reader is unique and becomes perennial in paper, in the dedication that each one takes home.