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25 de abril al 13 de mayo de 2019.


23 al 25 de abril, de 9:00 a 18:00

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Facts and figures

33th Professional Sessions
Over 12.000 attendees of the publishing industry, from 30 countries, have taken part in the Professional Sessions of the Buenos Aires International Book Fair, a unique environment for trading between all industry players.

Free National Logistics Service

  • 18000 kg. shipped (2016: 13800 kg.)
  • 1300 shipments (2016: 987 shipments)
  • 231 librarians from Argentina (2016: 197)

Since the implementation of the program, we doubled the amount of shipments and kilograms distributed.

International Logistics Service, supported by DHL

  • 6263,4 kg. shipped (2016: 3540 kg.)
  • 276 shipments (2016: 98 shipments)

Since the implementation of the program, we almost doubled the amount of kilograms distributed and we triplicated the amount of international shippings.

The sum of all international shippings can be detailed as:

Free Service (50 kg shipping service free of charge per international visitor)

  • 3723,4 kg. shipped
  • 127 shipments

International Services with Express Bay preferential fee:

  • 2540 kg. shipped
  • 149 shipments

Exhibitors – Professional Sessions

53 local and international businesses participated in 32 stands that operated only for the duration of the Professional Sessions, in addition to the 481 stands that work during the Book Fair.

Book Rights Meetings

27 publishers and agents from 7 countries participated in business meetings involving trade of book rights.

Friend Bookseller Program/ Coupon book

  • 120 exhibitors offered the professional attendees a 50% discount over retail price
  • 62 exhibitors joined the coupon book program and offered special sales to visitors

Special Benefits

  • Over 600 guests from all over the world, specially invited by the Book Fair, profited from different support programs and subsidies for professionals.
  • 172 librarians from Buenos Aires made use of free parking service.
  • 276 librarians from Buenos Aires enjoyed food vouchers.
  • 96 international buyers used $1000 vouchers handled by the Book Fair for their use during the Professional Sessions.

Professional development options

  • “Miradas” round table on the publishing industry
  • IV Translators’ of the publishing industry seminar
  • VI professional illustrators’ seminar
  • 49º National Meeting of Librarians
  • V IBBY Meeting (Latin – American and Caribbean)
  • 2017 University Publishing Sessions
  • 5º Argentinean Book Fairs Organizers’ Meeting
  • Librarians Meeting
  • EspacioTendencias


During the closing celebration of the Professional Sessions took place the award ceremony for the most remarkable book professionals.

  • “Elvio Vitali” Award for librarian of the year: Marcelo López, from “El gato escaldado” bookshop, in Buenos Aires.
  • “Tito Lafalce” Award for traveling salesman of the year: Sergio David Felpeto, who represents different publishers from Buenos Aires, La Pampa and the Patagonia region.
  • “Publisher of the year” Award (given by CAPLA): Manuel Pampín, from “Corregidor”
  • “Friend” Award to the foreign visitor: Maximino García Barragán, from “Editorial Más Libros”, México DF.


Los Angeles: a Prosperous Publishing Market

Los Angeles will have a leading role in this edition of the Fair as the fifth Guest of Honor. During the Sessions, professionals from all over the world were able to get in touch with a huge, blossoming cultural market and millions of readers eager to discover their books or services.

Registration as professional visitor

Registration as professional visitor

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