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Pride and Prejudice. Culture and Sexual Diversity

April 27th to May 14th – Ochre Pavilion

With the opening of its Sexual Diversity Space, Fundación El Libro and the Buenos Aires International Book Fair attest to their will to function as a sounding board for different debates and manifestations and to collect and boost, uncensored, everything plural and rich that is brought about by culture.

The booth’s objective is to shine a light on the lives that distinguish and define sexually diverse communities, and on the connection between those lives and a series of cultural movements.

The ever-growing visibility of the sexually nonconformists and their interactions with different feminisms, have allowed our society to rethink the shapes and features once thought of as natural and given (“man”, “woman”), and to generate a more mature reflection and show that other lifestyles are possible, that they deserve recognition and respect, and that this should be celebrated.

The Sexual Diversity Space -which is enthusiastically pioneered by the 44th Annual Buenos Aires International Book Fair- is a seventy square-meter space located in the Ochre Pavilion. It holds a book store, an auditorium and a photography exhibition by Sebastián Freire: “Amor y Amistad”.

Mariano López Seoane designed the programming which has taken into account ideas and recommendations made by the Fair’s own exhibitors.

Pride and Prejudice is the title of a novel written by Jane Austen. The manifestation of pride (in societies where shame was the norm) and the fight against prejudice (which creates stereotypes and generates hostility) have been some of the difficult tasks undertaken by sexual diversity figures and collectives around the world.