48.ª Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires

Hasta el 13 de mayo


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Pride and Prejudice. Space of Sexual Diversity and Culture.

From April 26th to May 13th - Ochre Pavilion.


With the opening of the Sexual Diversity and Culture Space in the 2018 edition of the Fair, the Book Foundation and the Buenos Aires International Book Fair renewed their willingness to function as a sounding board for different debates and displays, and to collect and promote, without censorship, the plurality and richness produced by our culture. This space –up until now unique in the context of international fairs– returns this year willing to focus on the ways of life that distinguish and define communities of sexual diversity, and the nexus between them and a series of cultural movements, aesthetic productions and political traditions. The space will house the multiplicity of voices and positions that are characteristic of sexual dissidence and that have taught our society that other forms of life are possible and desirable. The stand consists of a library specialized in gender issues, cultures of sexual dissidence and feminisms, and an audience with its own programming every day.