48.ª Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires

Hasta el 13 de mayo


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Facts and figures

Buenos Aires International Book Fair 2018 in numbers

Buenos Aires International Book Fair 2018 in numbers

  • 1.180.000 visitors
  • 45.500 total square meters
  • 15.768 square meters covered by stands (15318 square meters indoors – 450 square meters outdoors)
  • 477 exhibitors
  • 9 Pavilions (Ochre, Frers, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Pav. 9 and Pav. 8)
  • 2028 librarians from 1010 libraries were participants of the Libro % Program Conabip
  • 12.000 book professionals (editors, books store owners, distributors, illustrators, translators, among others) from 35 different countries
  • 11 rooms for events
  • 7 semi-opened spaces: Three in the Kids’ Zone (Workshop, Library y Storytellers), Zona Futuro, Zona Explora, Zona Digital, and Pride and Prejudice.
  • 2785 signings by writers
  • 1014 cultural events
  • 651 activities held by stands
  • 112 events held by Montevideo, Guest of Honor City
  • 800 delegations from public and private institutions
  • 52.266 students and teachers in school visits
  • 14 countries plus delegations from the Vasque Country and the Xunta de Galicia
  • 15 provinces hosted their own stands plus the City of Buenos Aires
  • 12 publishers took part of the third edition of NuevoBarrio
  • 1772 teachers took part in the educational activities and Zona docente (Teacher’s zone)
  • 400 narrators took part in the Oral Storytellers International Conference
  • 2405 accredited journalists from 23 countries
  • 312.900 friends on Facebook
  • 68.900 followers on Twitter
  • 24.700 followers on Instagram
  • More than 90 videos especially produced for the Fair by UNDAV (Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda)

Important developments

  • Pride and Prejudice, Sexual Diversity and Culture area.
  • Second Literary Prize Fundación El Libro awarded to “Juglares del Bordo” by Daniel Salinas Basave
  • 34 interviews to writers in our web series “Imagen de Feria” held by journalist Osvaldo Quiroga
  • First Fair powered by sustainable energy
  • Preview of the campaign “Reading opens doors”, promoting books and Reading together with the Consejo Publicitario Argentino
  • Turnstiles and online ticket sales
  • With purchases of over $500, visitors received an additional $70 gift book-check
  •  On Sunday May the 13th every person who purchased a ticket received an additional $50 gift book-check

Professional Sessions

  • Special copyrights area within the Professional Sessions: 29 publishers from 19 different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Canada, United States, Perú, Uruguay, Denmark, Chile and Greece.
    Programa Librero Amigo, 120 exhibitors
  • Programa Bibliotecario Amigo, 108 exhibitors
  • National logistics: 22185 kg shipped to 268 bookstores
  • International logistics: 7373 kg shipped to 250 bookstores around the world

Sought after authors


1) Stephen King

2) Eduardo Galeano

3) Jane Austen

4) Roxana Galeano

5) J.K. Rowling

6) Julio Cortázar

7) Liliana Bodoc

8) Silvia Schujer

9) Judith Butler

10) Florencia Bonelli


Títulos más buscados


1) El género en disputa by Judith Butler. Paidós.

2) Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal by J. K. Rowling. Edhasa.

3) El segundo sexo by Simone de Beauvoir. De Bolsillo.

4) La filosofía en once frases by Darío Sztajnszrajber. Paidós.

5) El clima de las instituciones educativas en el ámbito docente by Roxana Galeano, SB Editorial.

6) Diario de Ana Frank. De Bolsillo.

7) 1984 by George Orwell. Booket.

8) La sombra del viento by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Planeta.

9) No quiero crecer by Pilar Sordo. Planeta.

10) Orgullo y prejuicio by Jane Austen. De Bolsillo.

Most popular events
Full house events with over one thousand attendees: Paul Auster, Dilma Rousseff, Mario Vargas Llosa, Felipe Pigna, Darío Szetajnszrajber, Enric Corbera, Booktubers International Conference, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Viviana Rivero, Agustín Laje, Magalí Tajes, the Armenia Day and the Ukraine Day celebrations.

Longest book signings
The longest book signings were: Elvira Sastre, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Chris Pueyo, Dan Wells, Tiffany Calligaris, Enric Corbera, Pamela Stupía, Dross, Andreo Rowling, Clau Ramírez, Javier Ruescas and booktubers.


Rosario International Book Fair

Organized by Rosario’s municipality and Fundación El Libro.

May 24th to June 4th at the Centro Cultural Fontanarrosa.

Seventy-four exhibitors.

Opening times:

Thursday the 24th Sundays 1 to 9pm
Friday the 25th, Saturday the 26th and Saturday June the 2nd 1 to 10pm
Monday through Thursday 9am to 9pm
Friday June 1st 9am to 10pm


Friday the 25th: Tribute to Angélica Gorodischer.

Confirmed authors: Claudio Piñeiro, Hernán Casciari, Patricia Suárez, Silvia Hopenhayn, Carlos Ulanovsky, Juan Sasturain, Eduardo D’Anna, Viviana Rivero, Ricardo Mariño, Silvia Schujer, Mariana Furiasse, Pedro Saborido, Pablo de Santis, Max Cachimba, Hebe Uhart, Reynaldo Sietecase, Paula Bombara, Marisa Silva Schultze (Uruguay), Pablo Menezes (Chile), Aloizio Mercadante (Brasil), Gabriela Cabezón Cámara, Osvaldo Aguirre and Sergio Olguín.


Next Buenos Aires International Book Fair

The 45th International Book Fair will take place from April the 23rd to May 13th of 2019 at Predio Ferial La Rural
The 35th Professional Sessions will take place from the 23rd to the 25th of April. The 2019th Guest of Honor City will be the city of Barcelona.