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YA Movement

The YA Movement crossed the finish line with massive attendance.

How can we begin to describe the number of activities that took place in the framework of the YA Movement during the 43° Buenos Aires International Book Fair? The proposal, that has been a Book Fair’s regular for almost three years, succeed in including a numerous group of young readers to the Book Fair, incorporating to the program a diverse constellation of interesting authors like the Irish Cecelia Ahern, the Americans Madeleine Roux and Allen Zadoff, or the English Jojo Moyes.

The program kickstarted during April 27th, with a roundtable officiated by Argentinian author Victoria Bayona and conformed by Carla Dente (“Booktuber of the Fair” in the 2016 edition), journalist Lucas Baini and YA Spanish author Esther Sanz. In the round table, we talked about what does “retelling” means, and we set the differences between retelling and fanfiction.

On Friday 28, as part of the schedule offered by our 2017 Guest City, Los Angeles, took place a debate referred to the latest YA book-to-movie adaptations: we had the chance to exchange opinions concerning the rights and wrongs of the cinematographic industry.

Meanwhile, Saturday 29 was a really strong day for the YA movement. We started with the visit of the youtuber Dross, who presented a new book published by Planeta. A little later Cecelia Ahern, author of romantic novels as “PD: I love you”, talked about her books to a huge audience, followed by a book signing that lasted more than three hours. And, to close the day, we had the Blogger Convention, where we had the chance to interview authors like Chris Priestley and Jim C. Hines, and where Nanny Books was elected as “Blogger of the Book Fair”.

On May 5th, we went to two very interesting activities. As part of the round of activities hosted by Los Angeles, we could talk about new YA authors with bloggers and booktubers, while, in the Leopoldo Lugones area, Magdalena Trimarchi and Mariano Bondar starred in a second YA roundtable: “Outsiders”.

Satuday 6 was also a really especial day for those young readers seeking a future in the literary world. As part of the event “YA book’s kitchen”, they could attend to a series of conferences imparted by editors, authors and illustrators, who explained, step by step, the path followed by a YA novel before being able to be found on the bookshelves.

Which takes us to Sunday the 7th, a day when the Guest City proposed a roundtable about the future of YA literature: it’s storylines and future publications. And let’s not forget about the III International Meeting of Bookstagrammers, where @hijadeatenea was elected as “Bookstagrammer of the Book Fair”.

During the last weekend, we witnessed the final activities of this cycle with an immense adhesion by the YA public. The spotlight was put on the III International Meeting of Booktubers, that took place on saturday 13: almost a thousand readers were able to meet with Booktube idols like Sebastián Mouret and Raiza Revelles, and Macarena Yanelli was designated as “Booktuber of the Book Fair”. During the Meeting, we also had different debates and activities: we participated in a stand-up number about how to become a youtuber and debated about woman’s role in literature and “diverse” books. It was also announced the first retelling anthology written by Argentinian booktubers, such as Matías Gómez, Carla Dente and Macarena Yanelli. Finally, Raiza Revelles and Sebastian Mouret were interviewed, before signing books and taking pictures with their fans.

But the closing activities had begun on Friday, with the presentation of the roundtable “Literatura al rescate”, and with the international visit of Jojo Moyes, who presented the latest translation of “The girl you left behind” in the José Hernández area.

On Saturday, after the Booktubers’ Meeting, we had the chance to assist to the presentation of the first book of “House of Furies”, the new series by best-seller writer Madeleine Roux. It was an encounter that the paranormal literature fans wouldn’t miss, as it was translated to the book sign: Madeleine signed books during more than three hours.

On Sunday 14, and as a final activity, we had the visit of Allen Zadoff, who presented the second part of the “Unknown Assassin” trilogy: fans could get their signed copy of “I am the mission”.

So the 43º Buenos Aires International Book Fair has now come to its end, but the YA Movement is stronger than ever, and will be back in the next Buenos Aires Kids & Youth Book Fair, from July 10 to July 30, 2017.