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Montevideo Guest of Honor 2018

Programming is devided in three central themes: “Montevidean Poetry”, “Contemporary perspectives” and an homage to the writer Mario Levrero.
The stand, located in the Yellow Pavilion, showcases Uruguay’s cultural diversity with book launches, debate tables, musical guests, photography and the best its literary catalogue has to offer.

Among the activities offered to its visitors there will be book launches, debate tables, photography exhibitions, music shows, murgas and a series of homages to distinguished key moments and figures in Uruguayan history.

The stand is 200 square meters and shaped like the Montevidean “Rambla”, there is an auditorium and a bookstore which is being coordinated by the Uruguayan Book Chamber. Different Montevidean publishing houses are represented, spanning publishers of all sizes, including independents and newly formed ventures.


The programming is divided in three central themes: “Montevidean Poetry”, “Contemporary perspectives” and an homage to the writer Mario Levrero.

The first theme will include an homage to Uruguayan poets: Delmira Agustini, Juana de Ibarbourou y María Eugenia Vaz Ferreira. The delegation will be led by the poets Ida Vitale and Silvia Guerra -who will also take part in the International Poetry Festival-, and Lalo Barrubia who will be joined by a dozen poets and singer-songwriters from different generations.

“Contemporary Perspectives” will center around narratives, with emphasis in novels. Authors form different generations such as Milton Fornaro, Natalia Mardero -who will also be part of the Latin-American Writers Dialogue-, Felipe Polleri, Mercedes Estramil, Mercedes Rosende, Daniela Mella, Ercole Lissardi, among others, will be launching their latest editions.

Mario Levrero is the author chosen as Montevidean emblematic figure. There will be an tribute to La novela luminosa and a review of the latest volumes which gather his correspondence, interviews and different interests. A series of writers and erudites will take part, among them Elvio Gandolfo and Pablo Silva. There will be a launch for Historietas reunidas and a concert by musician Leo Maslíah.

There will be an homage to Mario Benedetti, with the presence of some of the actors who starred in the film “La tregua”, newly remastered fragments of the film will be shown. There will be a tribute to the tango “La cumparsita” and a special football moment with the presence of Daniel Baldi, ex footballer and author of several books, among them Mi mundial, which was made into a film.

Uruguayan cartoonists and illustrators will have their own segment, which will include many activities, Montevideo Comics will introduce their collection of Uruguayan classics, and there will be two tables dedicated to “rioplatense” graphic novels.

During La Noche de la Feria, on Saturday April 28th, Montevideo will introduce a show which is co-produced with Agadu -Uruguay’s Copyright Association- and the Cluster de Música Uruguay, a Uruguayan music festival. These artists will be the first representatives of the music delegation who will be participating in different activities.