26 de abril al 14 de mayo

- Lunes a jueves de 14:00 a 22:00

- Viernes de 14:00 a 23:00

- Sábado de 13:00 a 23:00

- Domingo y martes 1 de mayo de 13:00 a 22:00

- Noche de la Ciudad, 26 de abril gratis desde las 20:00

- Noche de Montevideo, 28 de abril gratis desde las 20:00


24 al 26 de abril, de 9:00 a 18:00


Vacaciones de invierno 2018.

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Cultural Programme

The Buenos Aires Book Fair is a cultural stage where is displayed a highly-variated agenda, including over 1.500 activities and the participation of several of the most acknowledged referents of the book industry. The range of topics covered by our schedule is staggering!


Buenos Aires performs as the cultural epicenter of Latin America; a cosmopolitan city distinguished by a titanic intellectual activity. During the Book Fair, this intellectual movement gets enriched by the participation of local authors and guests from across the world.

Among the international writers that will be present at the Book Fair the next year, we’re pleased to announce the presence of Yasmina Reza, Paul Auster, Mario Vargas Llosa, Juan Villoro, Dan Wells, Piedad Bonnet, Camilla Läckberg, Elena Sastre and Richard Ford.

YA Movement (Vibes)

After the success achieved by the activities at the last Book Fairs, the next year we planned a brand new International Meeting of Booktubers, with the participation of young and active readers from Spanish-speaking countries that share their experiences online. We’ll also have special activities with local bloggers and bookstagrammers, who will be interacting with renowned international Young Adult authors: we intend to facilitate the reunion of young readers with their literary idols, making the Book Fair a unique experience for all of them.



Latin-American Writers Dialogue

From May 5 to May 8

Authors from across the continent will dialogue with their Argentinian colleagues in the 6th Edition of this event to share their opinions, deliberate about common literary issues, debate professional strategies and, above all, to stimulate mutual reading.

Argentinian Writers Dialogue

From May 2 to May 4

In this edition, Argentinian literature will be in the spotlight once again.  Narrators, poets and essay writers will exchange experiences about local, national, and Latin-American traditions.

International Meeting

From May 11 to May 13

One of the most traditional and anticipated events at the Book Fair! Join us at seminars, round tables and conferences, with the participation of national and international specialists.

International Meeting of Storytellers

From May 4 to May 6

A place that incentives the reunion with the spoken word and that valorizes the treasures of oral transmitted literature. Since its beginning in, the event spreads networks that consolidates the “narration movement”, with storytellers from all ages, places, spheres and profiles.

International Festival of Poetry

From April 27 to April 29

An encounter that honors poetry and that allows poets and assistants to share their passions for words. Argentinian poets, alongside international guests, are coming to the Buenos Aires Book Fair to recite, promote their creations and debate about poetry’s present.

Reading Marathon

May 7, 18:30 hs

For two and half hours, figures from cultural and mediatic ambiences will read stories and texts of Manuel Puig. The marathon plans itself as a space for socialization and intends to motivate and cultivate the practice of reading. Artists and communicators will serve as a bridge between literature and the general public.

Micro-fiction Sessions

May 10, 18:30 hs

A brief, challenging literary genre that means much more that it says, and claims for the reader’s irony and cleverness. We`ll have the participation of already consecrated micro-fictionalists and new voices of the micro-fictional world


In addition to offering one of the biggest books’ expo in Latin-America, the Book Fair displays a never-seen offer of cultural activities: open to public activities that includes specific themes related to literature, arts, history, science and language. This way, the Fair wants to contribute with the cultural formation of the visitants, allowing the creation of debating and dialoguing communities.

Free Seminars

The next year, the Book Fair proposes an interesting academic schedule with seminars imparted by renowned academics and specialists. The conferences are ambitious and brings into consideration a great variety of cultural topics.

Exploring Zone

A place for scientific divulgation that offers a continuous agenda of activities imparted by researchers, scientists and communicators, and that allows visitors to interact, participate, and comprehend how Science and Technology are present in our daily life.

Emerging and experimental culture

Future Zone

One of the finest ways to get in touch with the future of literature. An area that considers new writers and esthetics through activities with non-conventional formats: from poetry marathons to video-game festivals, interactive exhibitions, conferences and parties.

Digital Zone

A technological territory where visitors can get in touch with electronic books. An invitation to experience different Reading Devices that coexist in the market.

Kids Culture

Children’s Area

A space developed for the tiniest visitors of the Book Fair! It offers a special schedule oriented to children’s books diffusion, workshops, storytelling and shows. Besides, it has a library that kids can use whenever they want to! This area intends to incentive the early-contact between children and books, in an environment full of freedom and joy.

Festive Culture

Countries and Provinces

The Book Fair is a multicultural celebration, a meeting place where different communities can share and spread their traditions. The countries and provinces that participate in the exposition may select a specific day in the Book Fair’s schedule and prepare special activities to celebrate that day. This way, they’re able to share with the public their music, dances and typical food. They also offer book signings and different conferences.

Book signings

The Buenos Aires Book Fair feels pride for being one of the biggest cultural sceneries in Latin-America, year after year allowing direct contact between writers and readers. One of the typical landscapes of the Book Fair is the one showing writers signing books in different stands, joined by long lines of visitors waiting for their turn. The moment of the reunion between readers and writer is unique and remains eternal in paper, in the signed book that each visitor takes home.